An opportunity to spend half a day with PGA European Tour Coach and QHotels Group Academy Director Mark Pearson at Oulton Hall Golf Academy to experience how European Tour and Elite players analyse and develop their games.

mp-chris-valderramaThe 3 hour session will encompass the following:-

Trackman 4 Radar Analysis

Trackman1Trackman is the golf industry’s leading ball and club measuring technology. It measures 27 parameters of club, launch and ball flight, making it indispensable for diagnosing and measuring player improvement. During the session Mark will analyse your shots and swing also using high speed video to determine the most appropriate way forward.

MySwing 3D Biomechanical Analysis

myswing-coach-girl-robotWhile Trackman measures the club and the ball, MySwing is like an MRI of what the body is doing during the swing. 3D Bio measures things such as rotations, posture angles, body speeds and kinematic sequences. Until recently this technology has only been available in Scientific labs but is now available to everyone.

Player Development Plan

strokes-gained-heartlineMark will use his knowledge and considerable experience to provide a detailed plan of improvement. He will identify key performance indicators, ways in which these can be influenced, full and detailed 3D Bio and Trackman reports with videos, all posted to our online Edufii player development portal.

Price for the 3 hour session £199

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This session suits the following types of players:-

Tour professionals, elite amateurs, serious amateurs looking to improve, recreational players looking to experience the Tour Pro treatment.

Ideal even if you have a regular coach to take back information they may not be able to access. Perfect as a starting point to regular coaching.