Its time to ‘rescue’ your short game

By Iain Fulton PGA Professional, Belton Woods It’Most golfers now have a hybrid or ‘rescue club’ in their set of clubs these days, useful for those longer shots from the tee, fairway or semi rough. However, many players don’t realise how useful the hybrid can be from around the edge of the putting green. When to use A lot of …


How should you practice golf?

By Tom Huttunen PGA Teaching Professional, Oulton Hall This is a question which is often not considered by golfers. Most are aware that if they are to improve then they will have to put the hours in at the range or the course but not many will have a plan of action for improvement. Here is a classic example: John …


Are you destroying or creating young golfers?

For parents and coaches alike, the logic versus the reality of junior development can often be 2 totally different things.  Importantly, with dropout rates so high in sport, the messages in this article need forever spreading if we are to encourage lifelong participation in sport.  Specifically, I will highlight 3 vital points that I believe all parents and coaches should …


The Golfers Team – Physio aspect

By Matt Lakin-Hall, TPI Physio – Oulton Hall The Philosophy of TPI is simple, “a golfer will see the greatest improvement by surrounding themselves with a team of experts”. Who are the experts? Is it Teaching Professionals, or a Physiotherapist, or is it a Fitness trainer. The answer is all of them, uniquely applying their expert knowledge to the golfer …

Muddy golf ball

Winter Rules, or does it?

By Iain Fulton, PGA Teaching Professional, Belton Woods Winter rules, also commonly referred to as preferred lies or ‘pick, clean and place’ is a local rule only and is generally put in place by a golf club committee due to adverse weather conditions which firstly effect the condition of the course and as a result, the fairness of play. Protection …

Driver positive attack angle

SMOKE your drives further !

By Matthew Turnock PGA Teaching Professional Mottram Hall Often when I ask what my students what they want from their tee shot lessons the most common response I get is more “DISTANCE”. Distance is achieved via a “COMBINATION” of factors but predominantly the following are the main areas to focus on:   Club head speed – on average every 1 …

Kids Fun pic

How can we really make junior golf FUN?

FUN is without doubt the most overused word in golf coaching with everyone shouting about how fun their sessions are – but what really is fun? And how do you as parents make practicing for your child fun? (apart from clown suits and colourful targets). Within sports coaching research, Self Determination Theory explains that intrinsic motivation of athletes is underpinned …


Better ball striking this Winter

By Steve Fawcitt, Head Teaching Professional, Slaley Hall Now that winter has well and truly arrived most of us that are still playing golf are doing so on much wetter courses. The softer ground means that our ball striking is brought to attention, and any slightly poor strikes that you may have gotten away with on firmer ground will now …


How we use Trackman optimiser to improve your drives (Part 1 – Smash Factor)

By Lee Morrisroe, PGA Teaching Professional, Oulton Hall Introduction to optimiser Its not a secret that we have 4 Trackman radars here at Oulton Hall Golf Academy. This allows us as a team to go about things in a very similar way when it comes to improving your drives. There is a feature on the Trackman software called optimiser. With …


Embeded or not embedded, that is the question?

By Iain Fulton, PGA Teaching Professional, Belton Woods During the winter months, we are accustomed to seeing the ball embedded in its own pitch mark but this can happen at any time throughout the year. When preferred lies are in operation a ‘pick, clean and place’ can take care of an embedded ball on closely mown areas but we will …