PGA Teaching Professional
FUEL Golf Junior Programme Director


Thomas is originally from Lancashire and grew up playing golf at Wilpshire Golf Club.  After turning professional in 2011, he graduated with First Class Honours in Applied Golf Management Studies from the University of Birmingham in July 2012.  This unique degree program has been quickly recognised, since its introduction in 2002, as one of the best in the country and is known for being at the forefront of expertise in coaching, sports science and technology.

During his career as a PGA Professional, Thomas has spent time coaching in Austria, Oman, Republic of Ireland and the UK.  This has provided Thomas with great skills in dealing with a variety of abilities, ages and nationalities.  Most recently, Thomas spent 6 months on a cruise liner coaching golf on an indoor simulator, whilst travelling to over 30 countries worldwide.

“I was like a different guy on the course today, thanks so much for your help last night. I only missed one fairway all day!” – Luke, Individual Lesson Pupil

Thomas is a very dedicated and passionate golf coach, with a great belief in continuous learning and professional development.  This has prompted him to recently enrol onto a Sport Coaching Masters programme based at the University of Birmingham.  This programme  examines many aspects of coaching aside from technique including motor learning, psychology, sociology, elite performance and long term athlete development.


In his coaching, Thomas is a huge advocate of a holistic approach and acknowledges that learning and progression does not follow a simple and straight line pattern.  Instead, he believes that there are many unique biological, psychological and social factors that all contribute towards an individual’s development; essentially, any guidance MUST be geared towards the INDIVIDUAL.

Beginner Golfer CartoonWithin his sessions, Thomas often uses a guided discovery approach, allowing individuals to explore new movements in a game based environment.  The use of games to enhance skills as opposed to focussing too much on technique is one of his favourite exercises; this is aimed towards the fact that the ability to perform is just as important as perfecting a sound technique.  Additionally, he believes that it is vitally important to see the game through the players’ eyes, understanding fully the needs and wants of the individual before designing an appropriate development plan to ultimately help the individual reach their goals.  Above all, Thomas’ main aim is to create an environment that can best facilitate improvement.

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