The Golfers Team – Physio aspect

By Matt Lakin-Hall, TPI Physio – Oulton Hall

The Philosophy of TPI is simple, “a golfer will see the greatest improvement by surrounding themselves with a team of experts”.

IMG_0266Who are the experts? Is it Teaching Professionals, or a Physiotherapist, or is it a Fitness trainer. The answer is all of them, uniquely applying their expert knowledge to the golfer & their swing, but working together, enabling the golfer to develop in all aspects of their body-swing connection. To be able to provide all these services as part of Oulton Hall Golf Academy is unique.

The Teaching Pro is top of the food chain, so to speak. They guide Fitness & Physio experts on specific technical aspects & areas of development. It is imperative that this guidance is used for the golfer to achieve the greatest gains.

The role of the physio is two-fold. Firstly injury treatment is our traditional role; any problem caused by golf or limiting your ability to play, can be helped with our expert golf knowledge. Secondly, from a Performance aspect, golfers can be screened to identify any physical limitations that may be adversely affecting their golf. This can help improve technique & swing mechanics, but also help with injury prevention.
MLH golf consult Diagram

The image below will shows the working relationship between the different experts when working with a golfer to improve their game, emphasizing some of the areas in which Fitness & Physio experts work alongside the Teaching Pro with their golfers.

TPI Team

In particular, it highlights the often blurred, crossover from Physio to Fitness, showing that you don’t always go from one to the other. At times you may need to be working with both to complement each others work. At times, you may need more work with a Physio, not because of an injury, but to help improve your mobility or learn to stabilize certain parts of the body better before you can alter your technique with your Pro. Alternatively your fitness trainer may need to improve your movement patterns before they can really work on improving your power in the gym.

What is key from this, is that a golfer will see the most improvement in their golf with the help of all of these, not just one of them. So start building your team around you at Oulton Hall Golf Academy.


To find out more about our Academy Physio Matt Lakin-Hall, see  or for more information on the Golf-Specific Physiotherapy Service provided at Oulton Hall, please contact Matt, at or on 07789 955559