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The fast and fun way to learn!

StartGolf is our new and innovative programme designed for all novice or beginner golfers.  FUN, SKILLS, IMPROVEMENT, FRIENDS, SUCCESS are all elements of our programme and through our own market research, combined with studied academic research, we have carefully designed a programme that will give all individuals the best possible start to their golfing journey.


Our main philosophy is that individuals are all different and for this reason, our programme does not follow the traditional prescriptive stages.  Instead it is based upon a holistic approach, allowing individuals to develop at their own pace whilst enhancing the learning experience.   To suit our philosophy, sessions are always structured around GAMES, allowing individuals to explore their own capabilities in a FUN and FRIENDLY environment.   Moving away from a traditional authoritarian style, our highly qualified professionals will be on hand to GUIDE and facilitate this EXCLUSIVE learning experience.   Sessions will involve a variety of activities including long shots, short shots, putting and even some course strategy for the tactically minded individuals.  We aim to create multi – skilled individuals, encouraging all to reach their goals as quickly and effectively as possible.


Accompanying our driving range based sessions, we have a monthly StartGolf competitions.This is a great opportunity for all students on our programme to gain experience of the golf course, with a group of like minded people thus eliminating any anxiety that may come from playing with more experienced players.  Most importantly, these competitions allow students to contextualise what they have learnt on the driving range, whilst accelerating the learning process through situated learning on the golf course.

As a StartGolf participant, you will receive a student booklet and have access to online learning material through our web portal.  This material is again designed to provide you with a dynamic, cutting edge experience in order to realise your potential and reach your goals.

The StartGolf classes are delivered in easy to swallow 5 week stages, charged at £49 per stage, with a special 50% off your first 5 week stage.

Group discounts available
If two people enrol together – 10% group discount.
If three people enrol together – 15% group discount
If four people enrol together – 20% group discount


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For more information

Call – 0800 242 5002

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