On course lesson

The secret about how to shoot lower scores with no practice

By Thomas Devine, PGA Teaching Professional, Oulton Hall One of the most common excuses for not getting better is “I haven’t got the time”.  And although I don’t dig that (if you really wanted to get better, you would find time), I accept that people have busy lives and a couple of hours practice each week may not fit into …


Commit to the short pitch!

By Caroline Grady, Teaching Professional, Dunston Hall This little shot drives amateurs mad: 30 yards, over a bunker, can’t be short, can’t be long. Basically, you have to step up and hit a good shot, or you’re looking at a big number. Given the memories of similar shots you probably have rattling around in your brain, it’s good to have …


Counter/ Dual Balance Putters – To Dual Or Not To Dual…

By Sam Cubitt, PGA Teaching Professional, Dunston Hall Do you want to become a better and more consistent putter from anywhere on the green?   If so, this article will help you! What is a Dual Balance putter? A Dual Balance putter is up to three inches longer than a standard putter.  More weight is added to the butt end of the …

Creativity Feel the Force

Develop your “FEEL” to become a Jedi Short Game Master

By Matthew Turnock PGA Teaching Professional, Mottram Hall All great golfers have FEEL – but how do YOU get it? Feel is a golfer’s best friend, and can get him or her out of almost any situation. Feel on the golf course is being able to clear a bunker with your sand wedge from 20 feet away and stop it on a …

Bounce 1

Understanding Bounce

By Thomas Devine, PGA Teaching Professional, Oulton Hall Acting like an insurance policy, one aspect of a wedge that is often misunderstood is the BOUNCE angle. If you go into your local golf shop and check out the wedge section, you will likely see a wide variety of loft angles to choose from, commonly from 48 to 60 degrees. However, …

chipping picture 3

Chipping off Winter Lies

By Iain Fulton, PGA Teaching Professional, Belton Woods So January is here and with it the many challenges this time of year presents. Courses playing longer with little or no run after all the rain, the golf ball not flying as far, 3 or more layers of clothing restricting our swings and generally just feeling cold. That’s before we have …

Rory putting

Is putting overrated?

By Lee Morrisroe, PGA Teaching Professional, Oulton Hall. Putting is often valued as the most important part of the game of golf, the only difference between winning and losing. I had the same option when anyone asked me why Tiger used to win so often, I answered with “because he is the best putter in the world”. I found this …


A splash in the sand

By Steve Fawcitt, PGA Teaching Professional, Slaley Hall. When I talk through a client’s goals at the start of a bunker lesson a common response will be “I just want to get it out” or “the key to good bunker play is staying out of them, right?”. In comparison Tour Professionals are trying to hole out if they have a decent lie, …

Colin Montgomery lining up a putt-1

Suck up more putts

By Matthew Turnock, PGA Teaching Professional, Mottram Hall. In this article I’m going to show you how an everyday household item can help you potentially save you 2 to 3 stokes. I see a lot of Amateur players missing short (3 feet) to medium (6 to 10 feet) length putts due to number of reasons but the two most common …


Great putting drills used by Jordan Spieth

By Lee Morrisroe, PGA Teaching Professional, Oulton Hall The 2015 Masters, US Open and FEDEX Cup Champion, Jordan Spieth is currently one of the best putter on the planet at this moment. Putting arguably won him the Masters and US Open. He is currently ranked high in the world in stokes gained putting. In this article I am going to …