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Rachael is a Level 3 Personal Trainer , TPI Certified Level 2 Fitness Professional and is currently working towards and studying for her UKSCA Strength & Conditioning Level 3 Accreditation. Up until 3 years ago Rachael worked in Marketing for a large corporate bank after graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University with a BA (Hons) Marketing degree.

Rachael’s love for all sports started at the age of 4 when she took up football.However it wasn’t until 8 years ago that Rachael was introduced to golf and now loves to play the game regularly off a single figure handicap.

Her passion for the game encouraged her to retrain as a PT which then allowed her to gain her TPI certification. She now focuses all her time on working specifically with golfers and helping them achieve improved physical conditioning and fitness to enhance performance on the golf course.

Rach & Chris
Rachael’s philosophy is to help as many golfers as possible enjoy the game for as long as they can. This includes working with a whole spectrum of golfers from elite professional/amateur golfers wanting to gain more clubhead speed; to the regular club golfer wanting to improve rotation and technique.

To achieve this she therefore works very closely with all the PGA Teaching  Professionals at the Academy to ensure that all physical work with her  clients in the gym; reflects what they are trying to achieve in their golf  swing.

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To contact Rachael email or call 0800 2425002