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Improve your Putting with this distance control drill

By Matthew Turnock – PGA Teaching Professional at Mottram Hall As well as a sound technique where path and face control is important an overlooked part of practice putting is distance control and “FEEL”. A simple drill that will DEVELOP your distance control is highlighted in the picture above. From a set starting point hit one ball to each hole …

Sergio Garcia, of Spain, kisses his putter after winning The Players Championship golf tournament in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., Sunday, May 11, 2008. Garcia defeated Paul Goydos on the first playoff hole. (AP Photo/Stephen Morton)

HOLE MORE PUTTS by making your practice sessions more FUN !

By Matthew Turnock, PGA Teaching Professional, Mottram Hall There is nothing more FRUSTRATING than a three putt and no greater JOY than holing an important one at a crucial moment during your round. One of the best ways you can improve the number of putts you hole is to practice, practice, practice until you just can’t miss but often players …


Counter/ Dual Balance Putters – To Dual Or Not To Dual…

By Sam Cubitt, PGA Teaching Professional, Dunston Hall Do you want to become a better and more consistent putter from anywhere on the green?   If so, this article will help you! What is a Dual Balance putter? A Dual Balance putter is up to three inches longer than a standard putter.  More weight is added to the butt end of the …

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Create a perfect pendulum with your putting.

By George Boden, PGA Teaching Professional, Telford Good distance control with your approach putt is a real key to preventing 3 – putts in your round and pendulum stroke will help you to achieve this. Most pendulum actions are controlled by the rocking of the shoulders and arms with zero wrist action. But what does a true pendulum action feel …

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Improve your putting with a routine – by Lee Morrisroe

Introduction Firstly, a putting routine is an hugely important step in being or becoming a great putter. By focusing on a routine other than your stroke or the possible outcomes will allow you to stay in the present a execute the putt as intended more often. My Personal Putting Routine Firstly, I analyse which direction the putt is going to …

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Is putting overrated?

By Lee Morrisroe, PGA Teaching Professional, Oulton Hall. Putting is often valued as the most important part of the game of golf, the only difference between winning and losing. I had the same option when anyone asked me why Tiger used to win so often, I answered with “because he is the best putter in the world”. I found this …

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Suck up more putts

By Matthew Turnock, PGA Teaching Professional, Mottram Hall. In this article I’m going to show you how an everyday household item can help you potentially save you 2 to 3 stokes. I see a lot of Amateur players missing short (3 feet) to medium (6 to 10 feet) length putts due to number of reasons but the two most common …


Great putting drills used by Jordan Spieth

By Lee Morrisroe, PGA Teaching Professional, Oulton Hall The 2015 Masters, US Open and FEDEX Cup Champion, Jordan Spieth is currently one of the best putter on the planet at this moment. Putting arguably won him the Masters and US Open. He is currently ranked high in the world in stokes gained putting. In this article I am going to …

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How to stop missing short putts

How to stop missing short putts. by Mark Pearson, Academy Director, Oulton Hall Short putts are often one of the cursed areas of golf but in truth are one of the easiest areas of the game to improve.Why not watch this video and start to understand putting fundamentals and how you can reduce your scores by holing more putts. For …