Mark PearsonPGA Professional
PGA European Tour Coach
Q Hotels Group Director of Golf Academies


Mark, previously Head Teaching Professional at the DeVere Belfry moved back to his native Yorkshire as Academy Director at Oulton Hall Golf Academy in 2007 as well as combining this role with that of coach to his stable of European Tour players  until 2009. Throughout his career Mark has given over 30,000 golf lessons to all levels of golfer, he has developed successful Academies from scratch, managed world class facilirties and been innovative in providing coaching programmes for all standards of golfer. In addition Mark has presented at PGA Coaching Conferences and has coached golfers that have played at all levels of the amateur game and Professionals that have won tournaments on the Europro, Challenge and PGA European Tours. Button 2As well as a successful golf coach Mark has been a regular contributing Professional to magazines, such as Today’s Golfer as well as TV appearances on the Golf Channel, Sky Sports and a commentator for the PGA Europro Tour. Mark has worked with players at 3 of golf’s four Majors and coached  many tour players most of which have had their best seasons during that time, He has coached winners on all Europe’s main Professional Tours and is particularly proud of his record at developing aspiring golfers into European Tour Players.  In addition to an accomplished coach Mark has an array of corporate golf skills and a regular on the after-dinner speaking circuit.



CIMG5021Mark believes very much in a no stone unturned holistic approach to coaching all his players whether tour players or beginners. His methods are thorough and carefully thought out but simple in their final delivery. He is a big believer of structured practice and a massive fan of vi

deo communication via email and internet. In short it’s SMART coaching. From a coaching education point of view

Mark has taken his influences from his early readings as a child of Hogan, Snead and Nicklaus. Since turning Professional he was able to work alongside John Jacobs and describes him as ‘the master of the quick fix, and a lesson to all coaches’ .As a late 80′s early 90′s trainee It would be impossible not to be influenced by the Faldo Leadbetter period, PMG2the advancement of anaylsis technology and more latterly the Tiger phenomenon. However it is the experience of time spent with his players that Mark cites as the real development of him as a coach. 20 years in the trenches day in day out is the learning ground for any coach plus a thirst for knowledge and a desire to be the best coach he can be. Mark now uses Trackman 4 radar technology in all his lessons and says ‘in this modern era why guess what we can measure’.

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