How should you practice golf?

By Tom Huttunen PGA Teaching Professional, Oulton Hall This is a question which is often not considered by golfers. Most are aware that if they are to improve then they will have to put the hours in at the range or the course but not many will have a plan of action for improvement. Here is a classic example: John …


How we use Trackman optimiser to improve your drives (Part 1 – Smash Factor)

By Lee Morrisroe, PGA Teaching Professional, Oulton Hall Introduction to optimiser Its not a secret that we have 4 Trackman radars here at Oulton Hall Golf Academy. This allows us as a team to go about things in a very similar way when it comes to improving your drives. There is a feature on the Trackman software called optimiser. With …


Is your strike the reason for your inconsistent drives? By Lee Morrisroe

Strike is a hugely important factor to the direction the ball starts, finishes and the curvature that is imparted in the ball. On Trackman, even if the club path is 0.0 and the face angle is 0.0 to the target line this can still produce a slice or a hook. This is due to the study of Gear effect. What …

On course lesson

The secret about how to shoot lower scores with no practice

By Thomas Devine, PGA Teaching Professional, Oulton Hall One of the most common excuses for not getting better is “I haven’t got the time”.  And although I don’t dig that (if you really wanted to get better, you would find time), I accept that people have busy lives and a couple of hours practice each week may not fit into …

Poulter fairway bunker pic 4

How to hit a fairway bunker shot.

By Iain Fulton, PGA Teaching Professional, Belton Woods Fairway bunkers appear to cause the average club golfer a lot of problems but with this article I will aim to make that a thing of the past. The first thing to do after you have hit your ball into a fairway bunker is to not panic. Calmly assess the situation. What …

Left hand grip - open hand

Why your grip could be costing you distance and accuracy

By Matthew Turnock, PGA Teaching Professional, Mottram Hall The importance of a sound GRIP should never be underestimated as it is one of the most fundamental aspects of a good set up, it can also be one of the most influential factors in determining your ability to create club head speed and control the club face for accuracy. WHY? Depending …

Correct Coiled Backswing

Power Tips – A turn for the better

By Caroline Grady, Teaching Professional, Dunston Hall IMPROVE YOUR BACKSWING TO POTENTIALLY INCREASE CLUBHEAD SPEED AND GAIN YARDS ON YOUR DRIVE. Let’s imagine power by thinking of your body as a spring storing up energy on the backswing ready to release it on the downswing. Now think about coiling an elastic band and note that it doesn’t matter how slowly …

Ball above feet shot

Coping with sloping lies

By Matthew Turnock PGA Professional at Mottram Hall There are basically four types of sloping lie shots, each of which will require adjustments to your swing and stance. Almost any slope, no matter how slight will affect the impact of the club face on the ball. You will need to adjust your address position and / or your swing to …


It’s time to start STRIKING your driver

By Thomas Devine, PGA Teaching Professional, Oulton Hall With modern day technology revealing that hitting your driver ONLY a ¼ inch off the centre can result in around 15 yards of curve, there has never been a better time to focus on hitting the centre of your driver! Just have a think about that ¼ inch again….. that’s some figure …


Does teeing it lower in the wind always help?

By Thomas Devine, PGA Teaching Professional, Oulton Hall A common myth I hear a lot on the lesson tee is that teeing it down lower when playing in to the wind will help you keep it low and under the wind. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint but that can often not be further from the truth. Let’s investigate more! I’m …