Its time to ‘rescue’ your short game

By Iain Fulton
PGA Professional, Belton Woods

CC252071-6A06-4BE2-A7E2-C9CB81621DFEIt’Most golfers now have a hybrid or ‘rescue club’ in their set of clubs these days, useful for those longer shots from the tee, fairway or semi rough.
However, many players don’t realise how useful the hybrid can be from around the edge of the putting green.

When to use

A lot of short game lessons with club golfers see them talking about wanting to use the putter from many situations around the green rather than chip it. This is often a good first option and I would recommend this to many but the putter raises problems when coming out of the collar of semi rough around the edge of the green. The length of grass makes it more difficult to judge connection, roll and pace of the putt, with the putter often getting snagged up. This is when the hybrid can come into use.

Why use it

The shape of the hybrids club head helps it glide through the longer grass rather than getting caught up. Also, the added loft the hybrid presents helps pop the ball up in the air just enough to land over the longer collar of semi rough and onto the more predictable and shorter fringe grass or putting green.881E2477-F31E-45B1-9508-C44E77C7ACD8

How to use

Set up much the same as you would with a chip shot with your feet closer together, ball centred and weight favouring the foot nearest target. This encourages a slight descending blow increasing the chances of a good contact. 51FA0103-9804-4E03-B565-5CD1652099FA
Hold the club with your usual putting grip but further down the handle due to the extra length of the hybrid and the need for control.
The stroke is then powered with a rock of the shoulders, much the same as the putting stroke, with minimal use of the wrists. Remember you trying to putt with the hybrid, not trying to chip with it!


As with any shot, you will need to practise this to see if you get the results you are after. Try from different situations around the green and see what works for you. Which loft of hybrid you use is entirely up to your personal preference.
One think to note is that the ball tends to come off the face faster with the hybrid than with the putter so this needs to be taken into account when trying the shot.
Have a go and see how you get on. Remember get creative, there is always more than one way to achieve the desired result.

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