IMG_0126The Future Elite (FUEL) golf junior programme is a unique and dynamic programme which strives to develop juniors from grass roots level all the way to elite competitive golfers.  Our aim is to create well rounded individuals that are prepared for lifelong physical activity, whilst at the same time igniting a passion for the game of golf in thousands of children across the U.K.  Our programme follows the motto of PERSON first, ATHLETE second and GOLFER third and aspires to create highly skilled golfers through a holistic approach to development which considers technical, physical, psychological, and social aspects

Person First

YouIMG_0143r child’s journey will begin with being a child (they are not small adults) and FUEL golf considers many different aspects of a child’s development when progressing them throughout the various stages.   Crucially, nothing is more important to us than first understanding the person and then creating good young peopple who are equipped with vital life skills. We strive to provide an environment where your child is encouraged to play, build lifelong friendships, have fun, be happy, and play the sport for the right reasons. Furthermore, we are very passionate about the fact that we do not need to create a technically perfect swing at 6 years old; however what we must do is encourage all children to participate in sport and golf for life.  It is for this reason that our coaches will first aim to ignite a passion for sport and golf in every child.


Athlete Second

FUEL GolfWhilst developing social skills and golfing skills, your child will be placed in an environment which encourages them to become an athlete/physically literate. Learning fundamental movement skills is vital when trying to equip children for lifelong physical activity as many of these movement skills can be transferred in to other sports as children sample more than one sport throughout their childhood.  Additionally, the development of fundamental movement skills can allow children to learn golf skills at an accelerated rate and through developing athletes second, our coaches can start to form functional, powerful, coordinated swings in your child

In order to monitor your child’s physical progress, children on the programme are graded using a karate style system which focuses on what level their physical literacy skills are at. At each level children are given a different coloured wrist band to specify their movement abilities.

Golfer Third

IMG_0157Your child will also be encouraged to learn all aspects of the game from how to shake a partners hand at the end of the round to analysing statistics at the more advanced level.  FUEL’s extensive curriculum will guide your child from beginner level through to elite amateur levels and furthermore your child will be graded using our unique golf skills grading system. Accompanying our extensive curriculum, our Academy has coaches that are specialists in a variety of  areas; your child will have access to our PGA Professionals to aid their technical and practice requirements, they will be guided through in depth psychological routines from our  mind coaches  and advanced physical movements from our TPI fitness experts.

FUEL Golf aims to inspire children in a variety of ways and we offer children several different ways to sample the sport through;

Weekly Classes
FREE Junior Open Weekends
School Holiday Camps
FUEL Competitions

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 Also all juniors enrolled on the programme receive FREE JUNIOR GOLF MEMBERSHIP at Q facilities.

The FUEL Golf Junior Programme is currently running at:-

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