Its time to ‘rescue’ your short game

By Iain Fulton PGA Professional, Belton Woods It’Most golfers now have a hybrid or ‘rescue club’ in their set of clubs these days, useful for those longer shots from the tee, fairway or semi rough. However, many players don’t realise how useful the hybrid can be from around the edge of the putting green. When to use A lot of …

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Chipping off Winter Lies

By Iain Fulton, PGA Teaching Professional, Belton Woods So January is here and with it the many challenges this time of year presents. Courses playing longer with little or no run after all the rain, the golf ball not flying as far, 3 or more layers of clothing restricting our swings and generally just feeling cold. That’s before we have …

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Leave the Lob Wedge in the bag

Leave the Lob Wedge in the bag by Thomas Devine PGA Teaching Professional, Oulton Hall Too many times around the green, I see club golfers taking their most lofted club in the bag, sand or  lob wedge.  I believe this is a result of golfers often thinking that just because they are close to the hole they should choose their …