Poulter fairway bunker pic 4

How to hit a fairway bunker shot.

By Iain Fulton, PGA Teaching Professional, Belton Woods Fairway bunkers appear to cause the average club golfer a lot of problems but with this article I will aim to make that a thing of the past. The first thing to do after you have hit your ball into a fairway bunker is to not panic. Calmly assess the situation. What …

Bounce 1

Understanding Bounce

By Thomas Devine, PGA Teaching Professional, Oulton Hall Acting like an insurance policy, one aspect of a wedge that is often misunderstood is the BOUNCE angle. If you go into your local golf shop and check out the wedge section, you will likely see a wide variety of loft angles to choose from, commonly from 48 to 60 degrees. However, …


A splash in the sand

By Steve Fawcitt, PGA Teaching Professional, Slaley Hall. When I talk through a client’s goals at the start of a¬†bunker lesson a common response will be “I just want to get it out” or “the key to good bunker play is staying out of them, right?”. In comparison Tour Professionals¬†are trying to hole out if they have a decent lie, …