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87BetterGolf is our new and innovative group coaching programme that targets the slightly more experienced golfer.  As in StartGolf, FUN, SKILLS, IMPROVEMENT, FRIENDS and SUCCESS are still all elements of our programme, however BetterGolf is aimed at providing a more thorough education and instruction about all areas of the game.

You can expect full integration of state of the art Trackman technology along with access to notes and videos on the interactive Edufii platform.

BetterGolf Classes – 1 hour group sessions held for 4 consecutive weeks – £49

BetterGolf Clinics – 2 hour group session – £35


Scheduled BetterGolf classes and clinics are as follows.  For more information or to register, please click on the class or clinic.  

MARCH 2018

Spring Clean Class                    Wednesday 7th March – Wednesday 28th March, 7-8pm

APRIL 2018

Hit it Further Class                   Wednesday 4th April – Wednesday 25th April, 7-8pm

MAY 2018

Up & Down Class                    Wednesday 2nd May – Wednesday 23rd May, 7-8pm

JUNE 2018

Better Ball Striking Class                  Wednesday 6th June – Wednesday 27th June, 7-8pm

JULY 2018

Be a Better Putter Clinic               Thursday 19th July, 7-9pm


Shoot Better Scores Class                    Wednesday 1st August – Wednesday 22nd August, 7-8pm


Short Game Clinic                   Sunday 9th September, 2-4pm


Hit it Further Class                    Wednesday 3rd October – Wednesday 24th October, 7-8pm


Better Ball Striking Class                   Wednesday 7th November – Wednesday 28th November, 7-8pm


*Note* – the classes listed are on the day/time shown on consecutive weeks

For more details please call 0800 242 5002
or email