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BetterGolf is our new and innovative group coaching programme that targets the slightly more experienced golfer.  As in StartGolf, FUN, SKILLS, IMPROVEMENT, FRIENDS and SUCCESS are still all elements of our programme, however BetterGolf is aimed at providing a more thorough education and instruction about all areas of the game.

87At our academies, we believe that PERFORMANCE involves not only technical, but also mental, physical and transfer elements.  For this reason our BetterGolf programme covers specific technical elements such as ‘how to gain 10 yards’, ‘learn to play the draw shot’, and ‘getting up and down every time’, but furthermore covers the 2 other elements of mental and physical in classes such as ‘how to stop first tee nerves’ and ‘improving your body to improve your golf’.  This wide curriculum underlines the holistic approach that all our academies adapt, whilst emphasising again our belief that your golfing performance involves more than just a golf swing.

Our BetterGolf programme is delivered in 2 forms;

  • 2 Hour Clinics – whilst practical, our clinics are more geared towards educating participants about specific Trackman1areas of the game. During the clinics, our professionals will provide detailed information, allowing individuals to sample new ideas that can be taken forward and implemented it into their game
  • 4 week courses – whilst these will still provide an in depth education, the 4 week courses adapt a more practical/ hands-on approach where individuals can practice and develop their new skills over the 4 weeks.


BetterGolf is currently available at:-

CLICK HERE for BetterGolf at Oulton Hall

CLICK HERE for BetterGolf at Mottram Hall

For more information, please contact our team at or on 0800 2425002.